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  1. Forging the Modern World: A History (Häftad)


    James Hugh Carter, Jay Carter, Richard Warren

    ISBN: 9780199988563 - UTGIVEN: 2015-06

    In Forging the Modern World: A History, authors James Carter and Richard Warren offer an accessible explanation of key transformations in global economic, political, and ideological relationships since the fifteenth century. The book is distinct from most world history texts in three important ways.[...]

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  2. Creating IOS Apps (Häftad)


    Richard Warren

    ISBN: 9780321934130 - UTGIVEN: 2013-11

    This project-based book offers readers a solid introduction iOS development. Starting with the basic concepts of building iOS apps, the author introduces readers to Objective-C and then launches into making apps. From building a productive app to a 2D game, readers will learn about controllers, cust[...]

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  3. Richard Iii (Pocket)


    Rebecca Warren

    ISBN: 9780582431430 - UTGIVEN: 2001-09-28

    'York Notes Advanced' offer an accessible approach to English Literature. This series has been completely updated to meet the needs of today's A-level and undergraduate students. Written by established literature experts, 'York Notes Advanced' introduce students to more sophisticated analysis, a ran[...]

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  4. Accessories After the Fact: The Warren Commission, the Authorities & the Report on the JFK Assassination (Häftad)


    Sylvia Meagher, Peter Dale Scott, Richard S. Schweiker

    ISBN: 9781620879979 - UTGIVEN: 2013-09

    Originally published in 1967, Meagher s masterful dissection of the Warren Report, based on the Warren Commission s own evidence, has stood the test of time. In some cases, declassifications of government records have corroborated the author s suspicions and analyses, such as her amazing assertion t[...]

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  5. Best Practice in Labour and Delivery (Pocket)


    Richard (EDT) Warren, S. (EDT) Arulkumaran, Richard (EDT) Warren

    ISBN: 9780521720687 - UTGIVEN: 2009-10

    An understanding of when and how to intervene is the key to good obstetric care. This textbook is an encompassing reference covering all the essential information relating to childbirth; it offers clear practical guidance on all aspects of labour and delivery. Written by well-known leading experts, [...]

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    från 810.00 kr
  6. Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain (Inbunden)


    Warren C. Young, Richard G. Budynas, Ali Sadegh

    ISBN: 9780071742474 - UTGIVEN: 201201

    The definitive guide to stress and strain formulas--fully revised and updated The first revision in 10 years, Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain, Eighth Edition presents formulas and principles of strength of materials meeting the need of design engineers, particularly mechanical engineers. Thi[...]

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  7. Oxford Guide to Metaphors in CBT (Häftad)


    Richard Stott, Warren Mansell, Paul M. Salkovskis

    ISBN: 9780199207497 - UTGIVEN: 201005

    The business of cognitive therapy is to transform meanings. What better way to achieve this than through a metaphor? Metaphors straddle two different domains at once, providing a conceptual bridge from a problematic interpretation to a fresh new perspective that can cast one's experiences in a new l[...]

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  8. John Singer Sargent (Inbunden)


    Richard Ormond, Elaine Kilmurray, Warren (FRW) Adelson

    ISBN: 9780300161113 - UTGIVEN: 2010-11

    Volume Five of the John Singer Sargent catalogue raisonne encompasses a remarkably productive sixteen-year span when Sargent's creative energies were expressed in new and exciting aesthetic ventures. The young artist moved from Paris to London and successfully ignited his career as a portrait painte[...]

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  9. Thriving and Spirituality Among Youth: Research Perspectives and Future Pos (Häftad)


    Amy Eva Alberts Warren, Richard M. Lerner, Erin Phelps

    ISBN: 9780470948309 - UTGIVEN: 2011-11-30

    Thriving and Spirituality Among Youth empirically explores the connections between spirituality and positive youth development through the research of a set of scholars from the wide array of scientific fields including biology, sociology, and theology.[...]

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    från 539.00 kr
  10. The Best of the Destroyer (Häftad)


    Warren Murphy, Richard Sapir

    ISBN: 9780765318008 - UTGIVEN: 2007-05

    In combination with the launch of The New Destroyer, brand-new novels continuing this bestselling, action-packed series, Forge is publishing this omnibus of three of the definitive Destroyer novels. Hand-picked by co-creator and co-author Warren Murphy, these three novels serve as both a revisit to [...]

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  11. The Fox in the Attic (Häftad)


    Richard Arthur Warren Hughes, Hilary Mantel

    ISBN: 9780940322295 - UTGIVEN: 2001-02

    A tale of enormous suspense and growing horror, "The Fox in the Attic" is the widely acclaimed first part of Richard Hughes's monumental historical fiction, "The Human Predicament." Set in the early 1920s, the book centers on Augustine, a young man from an aristocratic Welsh family who has come of a[...]

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  12. The Wooden Shepherdess (Häftad)


    Richard Arthur Warren Hughes, Hilary Mantel

    ISBN: 9780940322301 - UTGIVEN: 2000-02

    The Wooden Shepherdess is the sequel to The Fox in the Attic, and the second volume of Richard Hughes's monumental historical fiction, The Human Predicament." It opens with Hughes's hero Augustine in prohibition-era America, where he is a bemused onlooker and increasingly fascinated participant in a[...]

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  13. The MGH Textbook of Anesthetic Equipment (Övrig)


    Warren Sandberg, Richard D. Urman, Jesse M. Ehrenfeld

    ISBN: 9781437709735 - UTGIVEN: 2010-11-19

    Provides coverage on the anesthetic equipment.

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    från 999.00 kr
  14. Plastic Surgery (Inbunden)


    Peter C. (EDT) Neligan, Geoffrey C. (EDT) Gurtner, Richard J. (EDT) Warren

    ISBN: 9781437717334 - UTGIVEN: 2012-08

    2013 BMA Medical Book Awards 1st Prize Award Winner in Surgical Specialties! Fully updated to meet the demands of the 21st-century surgeon, Plastic Surgery provides you with all the most current knowledge and techniques across your entire field, allowing you to offer every patient the best possible [...]

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  15. Handbook of Mindfulness (Inbunden)


    Kirk Warren (EDT) Brown, J. David (EDT) Creswell, Richard M. (EDT) Ryan

    ISBN: 9781462518906 - UTGIVEN: 2015-01

    An authoritative handbook, this volume offers both a comprehensive review of the current science of mindfulness and a guide to its ongoing evolution. Leading scholars explore mindfulness in the context of contemporary psychological theories of attention, perceptual processing, motivation, and behavi[...]

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    från 929.00 kr