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  1. X-Treme X-Men 1 (Pocket)


    Greg Pak, Stephen Segovia, Paco Diaz

    ISBN: 9780785165644 - UTGIVEN: 201302

    Spinning out of the pages of Astonishing X-Men Travel the multiverse with Dazzler, Captain Howlett, Kid Nightcrawler, and Emmeline Frost - lost between dimensions with no way home Dazzler adjusts to dimension-hopping life as the ad hoc X-group targets...evil versions of Professor X? Howlett and Da[...]

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    från 129.00 kr
  2. Dungeons & Dragons (Pocket)


    Valerio Schiti, Paco Diaz, Atilio Rojo

    ISBN: 9781631402654 - UTGIVEN: 2015-06

    Welcome to a world of swashbuckling action and dark fantasy, a world ruled by great dynasties and tempered by war. Eberron holds many wonders, from dragonmarks to warforges, deadly dungeons to elemental airships. As the shadows of evil and conspiracy threaten to envelop the land, heroes of prophecy [...]

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    från 162.00 kr