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  1. Forging the Modern World: A History (Häftad)


    James Hugh Carter, Jay Carter, Richard Warren

    ISBN: 9780199988563 - UTGIVEN: 2015-06

    In Forging the Modern World: A History, authors James Carter and Richard Warren offer an accessible explanation of key transformations in global economic, political, and ideological relationships since the fifteenth century. The book is distinct from most world history texts in three important ways.[...]

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  2. Nasty People (Pocket)


    Jay Carter

    ISBN: 9780071410229 - UTGIVEN: 2003-05-01

    A guide to staying sane while dealing with difficult people. It gives readers the tricks and techniques needed to: identify the invalidators in their lives; protect their sanity; use humor to get out of the blame game; conquer self-doubt; stop invalidating themselves; confront emotional bullies; and[...]

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  3. Smuggler's Blues (Häftad)


    Jay Carter Brown

    ISBN: 9781550227833 - UTGIVEN: 200704

    The Saga of a Marijuana Importer. The extraordinary real-life story of a young man who became involved with the highest levels of the international drug trade - and lived to tell the tale.[...]

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  4. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Bipolar Disorder (Häftad)


    Jay Carter, Bobbi Dempsy

    ISBN: 9781592578177 - UTGIVEN: 200904

    Clear answers on correctly diagnosing and living with bipolar disorder.
    This comprehensive and reliable guide addresses how bipolar disorder is different from other disorders, the latest research into bipolar treatments, strategies for living with bipolar disorder, and much more.
    *Bipolar [...]

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  5. Growing Marijuana Indoors (Häftad)


    Jay Carter Brown

    ISBN: 9781770411296 - UTGIVEN: 201306

    How do you grow the best pot in the world?

    Whether it’s medical marijuana (cannabis indica) or recreational marijuana (cannabis sativa), a grower needs clear information and helpful tips presented in a straightforward way.

    Medical marijuana must be free of contaminants, [...]

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